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Thai Girls Cosplay

Thai Girls Cosplay (12)
Thai girls, like all girls, love to dress up and have fun. So it's no wonder, with the Thai's adoration of Japanese and US culture, cosplay is so popular in Thailand. To see more beautiful Thai girls dressed as super heroes, villains, samurai, wizards, and nymphs, read on friends...

2017 Bangkok Motor Show

38th Annual Bangkok Motorshow Logo
The 2017 38th annual Bangkok Motor Show was a packed event at the Muang Thong Thani Arena. All the usual suspects were in attendance...BMW, Toyota, Porsche, Harley Davidson, Ferrari and so on. However it's safe to say the automotives were not the main attraction for us.

The Day The King Died

postcard 620x360
Everyone has moments in their life when a time stopping event occured in their society. You know, an I remember where I was when...
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