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Fear not my friends, Bangkok is VERY westernized. Chances are you will find your favorite restaurants here. Also, there are a number of expats from all across the globe who have started their own restaurant. These places will offer a more authentic experience than you would ever imagine in SE Asia. If you like Italian food there is no shortage of Italian restaurants, many of them Italian owned (49% at least). Is there some French cuisine you can't live without, there are plenty of bakeries and pastry shops to keep you satisfied. You can even find Mexican, Creole, Portuguese, Mediterranean, and of course American restaruant chains and fast food.

 Bangkok Hooters Girl

Yes, all the greasy fast food you enjoy the Thais like it too. Possibly too much as you will see some chunky ones here. I hate to destroy your image of small, slender Thais, but there are some fatties in the mix.  Our western fast food influence is definitely a factor in the rise of obesity. There is McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Domino's, Subway, KFC, Hooters, Sizzler, Outback Steakhouse, Tony Roma, Krispy Kreme and Dairy Queen are at every mall. And that was just to name a few...

McDonalds Thailand Asia

Beyond  the above choices, of which you can find all over Bangkok, below is a list of restaurants with western friendly menus. The last item on the list is a delivery service called Foodpanda and it has a catalog of hundreds more restaurants organized by location, cuisine and budget. You can download the App on your PC/Mac or smart phone. I highly recommend this option. Be prepared to spend some coin, western food is not cheap in Asia:

1. New York Steakhouse - JW Marriott Bangkok
2. The Clubhouse Sports Bar & Grill
3. Sunrise Tacos
4. Teddy's Bigger Burgers
5. The U.S. Steakhouse
6. Bourbon Street Restaurant & Oyster Bar
7. Jools Bar & Restaurant
8. Firehouse Pub & Restaurant
9. Burgers and Bangers
10. Great American Rib Company
11. Tenderloins Sport & Steakhouse
12. The Drunken Leprechaun
13. Chu Chocolate Bar & Cafe
14. Charlie Browns
15. Daniel Thaiger
16. Fatty's Bar and Diner
17. The Street
18. Foodpanda

*You can view the above restaurant's menus if you download Food Panda.

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