The 38th Annual Bangkok Motor Show

The doors opened to the public "around" noon on March 29th. We say around because we're in Thailand and things open and close when the Thais are ready. Price of admission was only 100 Baht (about $2.95) so it's definitely an affordable afternoon and a good time with the guys or the missus.

The arena is more than 170 m2,  and handles the large crowd well. It is unlikely you will have trouble getting a good look at the models (or the cars) or capturing a great photo. The girls are friendly enough and will pose if you smile and ask politely. This year, the outfits weren't as sexy and the overall theme was toned down due to the passing of Rama IX. The sales girls deserve an honerable mention as well. Many were very attractive weren't pushy at all. You could open the door and sit in most vehicles without being bothered.  Anyway, we won't gas on coz we know you are here to see some Thai pretties. So enjoy mates!

2017 Bangkok Motorshow Models 1

As we said earlier the attire was toned down for the mourning of Rama IX, but Thai girls look great in just about anything and most certainly in nothing at all!

2017 Bangkok Motorshow Models 2

We really like the motorcycle models. Please don't misunderstand all the Thai models looked great. But something about a girl on a bike is just f'ng cool. Also super excited to hear Harley Davidson is opening a new factory in Thailand!

2017 Bangkok Motorshow Models 3
It's worth noting that the arena is not located near any BTS or MRT station. The most wallet friendly option is to ride the BTS to Mo Chit Station or the MRT to Chatuchak Station. From there you can grab an air-conditioned shuttle van for only 32 Baht (approx $.99) The van runs "about" every 30 minutes. A taxi from either of the above mentioned station will run you around 160 Baht or five bucks. Check out the image below for directions. More pics of the 2017 38th Annual Bangkok Motor show can be seen here.

Impact Arena Directions

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