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The secret to success whether it be with Thai girls, or in any walk of life, is to know what they want, and give it to them. Obviously one can't change all his or her features, and your mate should accept you for your flaws as well as your strengths. However, love and attraction play by their own rules, and we don't see any harm tilting the odds in our / your favor.


So what qualities do Thai girls find attractive in a man? Thai Girls (9)Yes of course, they want a "han-some man" to take them out so they can post pictures on Facebook and Instagram of everywhere the two of you ate breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nevertheless, what we want to know is what physical traits make the their little Thai hearts pound? Well we did some digging, and with the help of Google translate, (and the missus) we found a Thai article, written by a popular female Thai blogger. Be advised if you view article you will need a translator extension / add-on to your browser or just use Chrome. Below (in no particular order) is a slightly amended version of the aforementioned article and our on-the-ground assessment.


1. Visible Veins in Arms


- Aside from the awkward translation, we weren't surprised to see this. Most women like a fit man with a good set of lean strong arms, and Thai girls apparently feel the same way. You can do bench presses until you are blue in the face...abs and arms will get more attention every time. Also, we should emphasize the word lean. Big bulky guys intimidate and scare Thai girls.Thai Girls (5) Even if you're a modest builder, say 5' 9" 195 pounds, and you go lumbering over to her, standing 5'2", weighing 103 pounds, she will likely be worried you will eat her or have other nefarious ideas. Understandably, she will disengage with you as quick as possible. Fear not muscle bound friends, the gyms in Thailand are loaded with cuties who will want your "advice". Just be mindful it's not always the females that will be looking at your ripped biceps.


2. Thick Eyebrows

Thai Girls (3)- Thais, and in general most Asians, don't have thick eyebrows. Most Thai women, and even some men use a cosmetic pencil as a daily enhancement. Cosmetic tattooing is so popular and affordable in Thailand that we've seen Thai girls working at 711 with eyebrow ink! We'd also like to note from personal experience the Thai ladies love a guy with thick eyelashes.

3. Blue or Green Eyes


- Ok so we didn't see this in the article, however we can tell you with 100% certainty, blue or green eyes will make you a hit with the Thai girls. This is so huge it's almost worth getting colored lenses.


 4. European or Western Nose


- This is another one we interjected from, on the ground, personal experience. Thai girls have a thing for noses, especially with a pronounced bridge. It doesn't matter if you are sporting a beak that would make Toucan Sam jealous. Thai girls will love it and want to play with it. ;) So don't be shy about your big nose. The girls at home might have laughed at your schnoz, but Thailand human horn is an aphrodisiac. Pimp that shit yo!



5. A Plump but Cuddly Body

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- In our day to day travels throughout Bangkok we see lots of men, Thai and otherwise, that have a couch potato body but are married, or in a relationship with a total stunner. Thai girls are big on cuddling, but obviously there is a limit to "cuddly". Trust us guys you don't have to have a GQ body to be with a beautiful Thai girl. Book the flight and find out!


6. Men with facial hair

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- Mustaches, goatees, beards and otherwise...yep Thai girls dig it. As with your normal hair style, it's best groom and maintain it, but a good beard or mustache is a feature you likely already have at your disposal to attract a stunning Thai woman. Use it.


7. Scars


- Chicks dig scars. Turns out, Thai girs are no different.


8. Lips

Thai Girls (372) - Not much we can say. We all know a good pair of lips has many uses. So no surprises that sexy lips are a turn on for both men and women of all cultures.


9. Showing of emotion


- Thai girls are all about the drama. If you are too, it might just be a match made in third-world heaven. Thai Girls (2)(or hell depending on your perspective) However, when in Thailand, best to refrain from public outbursts of emotion. Public displays of emotion and even affection could cause her to lose face. Losing face for a Thai is right next door to hell. So best to play this hand when the time is right... and certainly not the first round.


10. Gray Hair and Bald Men


- Grey hair symbolizes age, maturity and (hopefully) experience. We've also been privy to more than one conversation in which Thai girls waxed on about their adoration for bald men. Thai Girlfriend (2)Remember, Thailand is a patriarchy, and thus Thai woman respect and often have an affinity for older men. Age differences between couples is not as taboo as in the west, even among Thai couples. It's quite common for there to be age differences of roughly 10 - 15 years. Not quite as common, but we do know a few Thai couples that have 20 years or more between them. Yes, you can be 50 and have a legit 20 something Thai lady.


11. Hairy chest

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- Not being a hairy guys ourselves, we can't really comment. Maybe it goes back to the cuddly thing. Thai girls do like to cuddle...especially the university students. lol


12. White Skin


- You won't find this in the article, but do your own research and you will find Thai girls typically like white or fair skin. To them white skin is not only a status of beauty but a visual symbol of a higher social class. A way to claim a family connection to noble Thai bloodlines. To the Thais, darker skin pigmentation means you come from a linage of field workers. We know its not an easy pill for some to swallow, but that's the way it is in Thailand. The lust for white skin is blatantly evident in the daily whitening products Thai girls use, their avoidance of the sun, and the idolization of Korean and Japanese culture's beauty standards.

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In conclusion, although giving people what they want will yield good results, we don't recommend you botox your lips, bleach your skin, slash your face to get a cool scar or any of that nonsense. After all, it is said beauty is in the eye of the beer holder. Simply work with what you've got already, chat with some ladies on the site, and use the flight search below and get your ass to Thailand! You don't have to worry if you are few pounds overweight, if you've gone grey or even bald. If you are in your 50s and even 60s there is a gorgeous Thai woman in her 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond that wants to meet you today!

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