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In 2014, Bangkok hosted it's first major comic con. Now, in barely three years, there are two major shows as well as smaller events and contests throughout the year.Thai Girls Cosplay (4) Thai girls love Japanese and US pop culture (certianly Korean as well). So with the soaring popularity of Japanimation and (Chinese funded) US super-hero movies, cosplay in Thaland has transitioned rather quickly from a sub-genre to the mainstream.


Unlike the dark ages, (the 90's) you won't find these events held in run-down party centers or no-name hotel banquette halls. Cosplay in Thailand has found it's way into one of the most popular and posh malls in Bangkok, Siam Paragon. For the past three years there has been a major comic con here. Thai Girls Cosplay (15)Even if you're not into cosplay, the Thai girls are quite adorable and most are happy to pose for you.


In addition to the annual show at Siam Paragon, the 70,000 square meter Bitec exhibition hall has held an annual show of their own for two years now. With the additional space, Bitec allows for much larger displays, performances and cooler merchandise. Trust us, this event is huge and you can imagine the place is filled with Thai girls ready to kick ass and take selfies.Thai Girls Cosplay (8)


If two enormous comic conventions per year, filled with gorgeous Thai girls dressed to the nines isn't enough, MBK mall holds "Cosplay Weekly". Yes friends, every week you can see cute Thai girls dressed up like your favorite hero, heroine or even villan. Awards and prizes are given, and of course there are lots of photo ops with the girls.


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Nowadays, going in costume to go to the movies, while certainly not seen everyday, doesn't draw the looks it would in Thailand say 5 years ago. 

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Many Thai girls have used this pop culture phenomenon as an opportunity to grow their social media status. Some Thai girls even earn money by modeling at these events as they would at the Bangkok Motor Show or any other major event.

Thai Girls Cosplay (9)Even the Thai girls who don't cosplay love going to the conventions and the movies. It's not uncommon to see them rocking Marvel or DC attire around Bangkok, and posing with super-hero statues outside of the cinema.
Thai Girls Cosplay (3)The movies and events make for great dates and will give your Thai girl some awesome pics for her Facebook wall. Trust us, nice pics are a big deal to Thai girls. Often times more important than the substance of the date.


Both Siam Paragon and MBK mall connect directly to the BTS. Bitec is near BTS Bearing, but does not directly connect. A portion of these images came from this article. All links to the Thai girls instagram and facebook pages can be found there. Also @propsops, on Facebook and Twitter, has a good schedule of cosplay events in Thailand.




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