Dec 2017 Bangkok Motor Expo

Every year, since 1992, Bankok has hosted one of Asia's largest automotive events. This years Motor Expo ran from Nov 29 - December 11th. As usual it was held at Mung Thong Thani Impact Arena, just outside Bangkok city. Bangkok Motor Show 2017 Thai Girls 7Tickets were only 3 bucks (100 baht) and though currently there is no easy access by train, any toothless taxi driver from Nakhon Nowhere can get you to Impact Arena. Hell, as we got in our taxi we could make out the DJ gasing on about the expo and how to get there. Best route is to catch the train to Chatuchak Market and get a cab. Should cost you about 200 Baht.


As can be expected there were lots of hot Thai girls and tons of cool cars. However, there was still a feeling of lament for the late Rama IX. Though the Thai ladies looked amazing, the wardrobe choice was not as flamboyant as in past years. While we certainly respect His Majesty and all his amazing acomplishments, we look forward to the day when the motor show returns to the carnival sort of spectacle we were so fond of.


Bangkok Motor Show 2017 Thai Girls 14Even though the tone was more suppressed than we would have liked, it's still worth the price of admission. The Thai models are super sexy, most are generally approachable and friendly. Like all Thai girls, they love to pose for the camera so no need to be shy about taking pics.


On a side note, the Thai models definitely shine, but the sales ladies sure look like they would make for a great test ride. A'hem...just remember cars are more expensive in than in the west. For some perspective, in the States, a 2018 Honda civic starts around $18,000 (USD). In , that entry level civic is closer to thirty K. Makes you wonder when you see all the Beamers, Benz and Bently's cruising Sukhumvit on a Friday night. Bangkok Motor Show 2017 Thai Girls 12


If you missed out, have no fear! The next Bangkok Motor Expo is March 28th - April 11th. Come see the cool cars and the hot Thai girls in person! Use the flight search below to find great travel deals, and more. Remember, it's always free to join All Thai Girls! You can check out more pics of the 2017 Motor Expo or see our post from this spring and last year's show.




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